Fathom Realty Rupert Bryan

Fathom Realty Rupert Bryan

Rupert Bryan

Fathom Realty Rupert Bryan

7The 2014 Inc. 500 listed Fathom Realty as the 2nd fastest growing privately held residential real estate company in the nation.  Although that is wonderful recognition for us, it hasn’t changed who we are or what has fueled our growth.  Our motto certainly isn’t original, “Whoever wants to be great must become a servant,” but more and more people say they find it refreshing.  As a company, the fact is we still simply exist to serve.  If we get that part right, we believe growth will continue to take care of itself.  

What does it look like at Fathom to “serve?”  By providing our real estate professionals with support, technology, and training while encouraging, mobilizing, and equipping them to serve you, we have an atmosphere that considers others more important than ourselves.  After all, we want you to experience the highest level of integrity and service when you need it most:  when you are making a real estate decision.  

Our goal is to ensure you are thoroughly served throughout your Fathom experience.  Perhaps you can go out and do the same for someone that needs it as well?  Let’s change the world together (at least our corners of it!).

Fathom Partners


Parkmont Lending


Every day we work to change people’s lives by “Financing the American Dream.” Parkmont Lending, a division of American Financial Network, Inc., constantly evolves and adapts to ensure our employees are equipped with the perfect blend of products, service, and training to ensure that you have the best possible experience in one of the most stressful event in your life. We are proud to be your lender.

Hometown Heroes


Hometown Heroes is an organization designed to give back to those who help make our communities a better place to live by offering real savings from local and national business partners, and real estate professionals. Heroes can find special savings for the things they do and use every day. New savings are being added often and membership is always FREE!

Mustang Movers


Mustang Moving will ensure that your movng needs are met. We understand the stress and complications that can arise before, during and after a move. Our team is dependable, courteous and takes great pride and extreme care in moving your belongings. With NO hidden fees or charges you can accurately manage your moving costs. We are licensed, insured, and BBB accredited.

Fathom Realty Rupert Bryan


The Revital team has over 25 years of experience in credit restoration. With extensive backgrounds in mortgage lending and real estate, they have dedicated their careers to helping potential home owners understand the importance of credit as it relates to the housing industry. Although the team at Revital Credit Services has consulted families in a wide variety of circumstances, their focus has concentrated on helping families become home owners and optimizing their financing potential.


About Fathom Realty

Who is Fathom?

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. Have you ever seen that commercial that says, “happy cows make the best cheese”? We embrace that philosophy and believe that happy cows also make the best real estate agents… err, wait, that’s not what I meant. Our philosophy is that happy real estate agents provide the best service and give the most back to their clients.

Realtors and brokers with Fathom Realty are provided with the best support, technology, resources and training available while receiving 100% commission on their real estate closings. Our agents can be sure they will have the tools and training necessary to help their clients buy or sell real estate while providing the smoothest transaction possible. We also provide our agents with the best compensation plan in the industry! Why is that important? It follows the same philosophy that happy agents make the best agents. By giving more to our agents, we believe they will have more available to invest back into their lives and their business. It’s no wonder Fathom Realty was ranked on the Inc.500 as one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation.

Mission Statement

To transform the real estate industry by helping others come to understand that whoever aspires to be great must lead by serving others.

What’s in a Name?

The word Fathom means, ‘to come to understand’. The goal of Fathom Realty is to empower agents and work together to make a radically positive impact on our industry and the communities we serve. Our mission statement embraces the Biblical principle of servant leadership, highlights our deep desire for transformation and calls us to a higher ideal in serving others.