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May 20, 2009 ** We are Morris and Kassandra Watson, proud new homeowners of a second house, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Rupert Bryan. We met Rupert by chance in March 2007. We were riding around in the Riverside neighborhood just looking at houses. We stopped at a house to take a look and Rupert saw us, began a conversation and showed us the house. We told him what we were looking for and when we expected to make a move. We exchanged information and from that day forward he began to send us daily updates on available properties in the areas we were looking to make a purchase. We didn’t make contact with him again until March of 2008 when we saw a vacant house on one of his email listings. We asked him if we could see the house and he met us there. From that point on we were in constant contact with hin asking questions and asking to view homes we were interested in. He was always willing to answer our questions and meet with us. In August of 2008, we talked with him about putting our house on the market. He was very patient with all of our questions and answered then all. He put the “ball into play” and provided the name of a reputable mortgage broker who looked at our finances and worked with us to prepare for the eventual purchase. At this point, we began a more aggressive search for a home to meet our needs. Needless to say, we received an offer on our house on 1 February 2009 and found the house of our dreams on February 4th. The negotiations we successful, as was, the closing. Despite some of the stress we faced and had to deal with, Rupert was able to maintain his professionalism and keep us calm and focused. We have already highly recommended his services to others and will continue to do so. He does a fabulous job of focusing on his clients’ needs. He is what people look for in a competent and efficient real estate agent.
- Morris & Kassandra Watson
August 26, 2008 ** Rupert Bryan was very informative and a pleasure to deal with. His communication was superior; he went above and beyond to explain the process of buying a house and educating my wife and me about Raleigh, N.C. and its surrounding areas. Rupert was extremely reliable as he was always on call and returned calls promptly. He was like a conductor of a symphony as he kept everything moving smoothly between the sellers, home inspector and real estate attorney. His service and personal touch is unparalleled. I would highly recommend obtaining his service and have recommended him to friends of mine.
- Michael A. Donato
February 13, 2009 ** I, Haroon Panjshiri am writing this to inform you about one of the most trusted realtors, whom I believe should receive some special recognition for his dedications and patience with us. The person to whom I refer is Rupert Bryan. He is a very talented, experienced, and a very active realtor in Real Estate. We deeply appreciate his hard work and patience concerning our house in Wake Forest. Throughout the nine months when we had Rupert as our agent, we had variety of customers brought in by him or his company in a very proper manner taking into concern our privacy. Rupert gave us helpful advice on how to maintain our property and how to make it appeal to the buyers. As an agent Rupert did everything he could to make the house appeal to the market, such as printing brochures, posting listings of the house on sites, and showing the house to many prospective buyers. By writing this letter to you I hope you consider and credit your agent’s excellent work and encourage him to proceed at the top of his carrier. We are incredibly satisfied with Rupert Bryan’s efforts toward selling our house, and we highly appreciate his service. I urge you to recognize Rupert’s outstanding service, and promote his achievements in Real Estate.
- Haroon Panjshiri
I recently bought and sold a home using Rupert Bryan as my buying and selling agent. This was the very 1st home I’ve sold and he made the experience practically seamless. We set a tone of cooperation and trust from the start. He would work his best to sell our homes and as a sign of mutual trust we agreed that is everything went well we would include him on the purchase of our next home, which most assuredly would be an upgrade. Rupert’s comparables and opinions were of great value to us. He coordinated as much as we allowed him to coordinate and we worked together on setting an acceptable price for our home sale. To be honest, the man worked like a pit-bull. He went above and beyond helping me prepare my yard, and he found me a contractor, cleaners, a financer and a stager. Rupert’s initial marketing strategy was predominantly open houses, which later evolved into his own mini parade of homes at Riverside. He proved to be very flexible and patient with our phone calls and intrusions into his daily schedule. Heck we spoke/emailed him so often during this process it was like he was part of the family. As hectic as stressful as this process was during a slow real estate market, we stood by and trusted Rupert. Because of our trust in him, our family quickly sold the old home and moved into our new home. We even did it all without having to live in a hotel or box between closings! Even after the process was said and done he took care of lord knows how many little finishing details ensuring we were worry free during our transitional state. I would definitely recommend Rupert to my friends and use him in future real-estate endeavors I’ll make late on. When you find people n certain industries you can trust you take a gamble starting over with someone else.
- Jonathan A. Mitchall
February 16, 2009 ** Hi! We just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful realtor Rupert Bryan is. He came highly recommended to us from our loan officer Dee Hughes. Our process in finding our first home was very slick! My favorite thing about Rupert was the site he set up for us to find what we wanted. I felt like he totally listened to what we wanted/needed and adjusted our search to that. Once we were looking he gave us great advice, but was not pushy at all. Rupert was wonderful with returning our phone calls in a very timely manner and helping us feel like we were first priority  We found a great first house, throughout the process he kept us in the loop the whole time and I would recommend him to anyone!
- Noah and LaShae Steele
My husband and I recently purchased a house from Rupert Bryan. We were referred to him by one of our friend who was very satisfied with his service. Working with Rupert was a wonderful experience. This was our first home purchase so we were very unsure of what to expect. Rupert made it all very easy. He explained each and every step and put us in contact with other professionals in the field who could assist us. He helped us to find a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood for a great price, we could not ask for more. I will refer him to all of my friends who are in the market.
- Kemi Amola
Susan, I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife Doris and I with the recent purchase or our home. Rupert made the transaction very smooth and kept us well informed throughout the entire process. As you know, purchasing a short sale property can sometimes be frustrating and difficult, but Rupert assisted us with everything from home inspections to mortgage referrals and finding the right attorney to handle the deal. Rupert’s service was impeccable and he was always available day or night to answer any of the many questions we had. Rupert thanks again for all your help, Doris and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went.
- Ivan & Doris Tseng
March 9, 2009 ** I am writing this letter regarding our recent home buying experience. Rupert Bryan made the home buying process easy and enjoyable for us. He advised is on the benefits of living in certain locations compared to others. He forced us to look at the prospect of having to sell the home within 5 years and what loss we might incur. Rupert made us aware of new listings as soon as they became available. Once our offer was accepted, he went on auto pilot. The remainder of the process was smooth and we had literally nothing to do. He took care of everything. We closed two weeks after the acceptance! His willingness to work around our schedule made our home search that much easier. It appeared the he worked exclusively for us, although we knew that not to be the case. Rupert is very well organized and diligent in finding the right fit for his clients. He is easily reachable and always on time. Rupert has done an excellent job and we are recommending him to all our family, friends and acquaintances.
- John and Adrienne Thorpe
March 13, 2009 ** I would like to thank Rupert Bryan on very commendable job in assisting me with my search for housing. I met Rupert by chance having breakfast about two years ago and saw on his vehicle that he was a real estate agent and inquired about his services. From that point on for about a year and a half Rupert worked with me tirelessly and effortlessly in my search. Although I can be a bit picky and stubborn, Rupert was there for the long haul and wanted to make sure that I found exactly what I was looking for, and within a range that I would comfortably afford. I am sure that if many others were in Rupert’s position that would have tossed me to the backburner within the first 3-4 months of working with me. But Rupert was steadfast that was sure that there we would find my perfect home. I have been my home for about six months now and could not be any more elated about my decision to purchase this home or my decision to work with Rupert. I saw Rupert around town a couple of days ago and I had to thank him again, and he simply replied he enjoyed his work and that he is happy and I finally found a home. I also referred a family member to Rupert in their search and her sentiments are very similar in regards to working with him. Seeing Rupert a few days ago triggered me to write these few words of thanks for his dedication and persistence.
- Collin Owens
Rupert was very instrumental in closing the deal on our house. My wife met Rupert during an Open House session at a residence on Coosa Court. She returned home excited about the residence in which she viewed. For several days, she was adamant that I meet Rupert and view the house, eventually, I agreed. After viewing the house on Coosa Court, we began to view other residences in the Riverside subdivision. My wife decided that she wanted to make an offer on the house that we recently purchased. What we thought was going to be a smooth process almost turned into a nightmare. We were in the process of selling our house to a developer and the housing and financial market plunged. The developer began to have reservations about closing the deal. At the same time we had made an offer and put down earnest monies to purchase our present house. The sellers were anxious to close the deal as we were anxious to finalize the purchase. However, the developer began to lengthen the process of purchasing our old residence. Several times the sellers wanted to terminate the offer to purchase. Rupert encouraged my wife and me to be patient and he would work on keeping the lines of communication open between the sellers and us. He handled the situation professionally and for ix months he kept us informed of the sellers concerns and updated the offer to purchase contract as needed. Once we sold our house, our mortgage broker began to lengthen the closing on our present residence and it seemed that it was going to be a long process. We asked Rupert if he knew of a good mortgage broker and he referred us to a broker who closed the deal within two weeks. We have found him to be knowledgeable in the area of real estate and working with people. Plus, he has an assuring demeanor in which you feel comfortable working with him. He has been a blessing to my family, my wife and I feel comfortable referring our friends and family to consult with him on a purchasing or selling their home.
- Derrick L. Sauls, PhD
May 4, 2008 ** This letter is to inform you of the exceptional real estate agent you have in Rupert Bryan. We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bryan as our realtor for our recent home sale. We were referred to Mr. Bryan by numerous other satisfied clients. We came to Mr. Bryan after a very unsatisfactory experience with another agent in another real estate firm. Our interaction with the previous real estate agent made us very skittish about dealing with a gents/realtors altogether. The level of service we received form Mr. Bryan was nothing short of extraordinary and quite remarkable. We found Rupert to be very knowledgeable of the current market and trends in the real estate industry. He was able to provide us with market analysis, trend forecasting and net proceeds estimates to help us assess our options. Rupert was always willing to discuss our options with us and help us understand the real estate terms and practices that would impact our home sale. Mr. Bryan worked very diligently and used his creativity and resourcefulness to market our home and make sure we received a strong offer on the property. Mr. Bryan extended himself beyond the normal duties and working hours of a real estate agent on several occasions. He was always very responsive to our needs and willing to meet us outside working hours or be accessible to is to discuss our concerns on offers or needed paperwork. At times, we felt bad for contacting him late at night or on the weekends, but he always answered our calls and always reassured us he would do whatever it took to sell our home. Most importantly, we always felt Mr. Bryan was committed to making sure our best interest was served and our home would sell, even to the detriment of his commission at times. That to us was the mark of a truly great, service-oriented, and customer-focused agent. We never had any concerns as to whether or not Mr. Bryan had our best interest at heart. This was critically important to us. We remained very impressed with Mr. Bryan’s work and will definitely use him again in the future when our real estate needs change. We would also highly recommend Rupert Bryan to any other potential or future clients. Our only regret is that we did not meet him sooner, when we were purchasing our current home.
- Lucky & Tawanda Williams
August 25, 2008 ^^ I wanted to note some things you did that stood out with us in the process of selling our home in Raleigh and purchasing our house in Cary: You worked very fast in order to get our house sold quickly due to the contingency on our new house which could have been sold to someone else in 1 week even in this down market. Sending Dorothy the flowers after we made the offer was a classic. It worked like a champ! You followed through on everything we asked for you in an expeditious manner. You answered all our questions or found the answer to any one question. You made an extra effort to save us money on this dual home transaction- survey/title, inspections, cable outlet, new door, etc. Your availability via phone and email was impeccable- morning, day, and night. Thanks again for the customer service you provided. Jean and I are very happy in our new home.
- Eric C. Horner
August 9, 2008 ** Thank you so much for helping me and my husband to find just the right home for our son. Even though the news was saying that this is a good time for buyers, we were having a hard time finding a home to meet our needs. Someone kept beating us to the deal. I was about to give up when I noticed your name on an as in the neighborhood. I called you and you found the time to show me three homes that day. I think we found the perfect house the very next day. You walked us through the process. Even though we have purchased at least four homes in the past, this was the best experience ever. We really appreciate your prompt answers to our questions by e-mail, text messages, phone calls, or home visits. You really have a gift for professional and compassionate service. You attended our closing and kept us informed about the meaning of all of the papers we signed. We also appreciate information gave us after closing. God bless you and all of your business endeavors. I have already referred to my friends and I will continue to do that.
- David and Frieda Horne
July 25, 2008 ** I work for the U.S. Probation Office and recently retired as a Captain from the North Carolina Army National Guard. My wife and I were recently in the market to purchase our third investment property. Rupert Bryan’s aggressive advertisement led us to contact him as a real estate agent. I’m normally very, very cautious when dealing with service providers regarding money. We’ve all had a bad experience(s) in which we felt we were overcharged by a car mechanic, appliance repairmen, etc. But once you find a good honest service provider, you hold on to them like superglue. I initially approached this transaction with Rupert with that same caution, but Rupert’s honesty and hard-work ethics quickly changed my feeling. He’s a service provider that you hold on to like super glue. Although our $52,000 transaction was a relatively small real estate sale, we always felt almost as through we were Rupert’s only client. He was always available, quickly responded with updated listings whenever we changed our search criteria, and thoroughly disclosed descriptions of neighborhoods in which we considered purchasing. The property we purchased was initially listed at $62,000. I placed a bid of $57,000. The same day I placed my bid of $57,000, the dropped the price to $55,000. Rupert’s diligence throughout the process enabled him to catch this price changed. This diligence allows us to rescind the bid and submit a new bid of $52,000 thus saving us $5,000. We plan to use Rupert’s services for any future real estate transaction and recommended him to any of our contacts that are seeking a real estate agent.
- Darrell Fields
October 22, 2007 ** This is a letter of recommendation for Rupert Bryan. I’ve know Rupert for approximately eight months. We met at an open house in my subdivision in Riverside. I knew from the moment I met him I wanted him to be my realtor if we were ever to purchase a home or sell a home. He dressed professional, had an easy manner, excellent communication skills, knowledgeable in real estate market and most of all he had an enthusiasm for his career that is rarely seem today. A few months went by and we were ready to make a purchase. I called Rupert remembering his infectious enthusiasm and knowledge. During our home search, when we had questions regarding a home, he would immediately communicate with the listing realtor and obtain the answers to our questions. We put in am offer on our home and Rupert did everything he could to ensure that we would get the home down to suggesting we write a personal letter to the homeowners. My impression of Rupert became even more astounding when I saw the may he marketed our home. Rupert held an open house every week until our house was sold. Our home was listed n the newspaper every week. He sent flyers to everyone in our subdivision, neighboring subdivisions that had been in there home 7 years or more (the average amount of time people stay in their home is 7 years), town houses and condos of people who might be interested in upgrading their home. I’ve never seen anyone do a better job at marketing than Rupert. Weeks after our home sold, I remember driving by our old subdivision and Rupert had put an amazing 6 home Open House including an ice cream truck and sign throwers. He is unrivaled when it comes to marketing I would absolutely recommend using Rupert Bryan’s realtor service whether you are looking to purchase a home or sell your home. He is an excellent realtor.
- Gretchen Trushell
November 1, 2007 ** The Purpose of this letter is to advocate Mr. Rupert Bryan (aka The Family Guy) as your Real Estate Agent. Of the many agents you may interview or speak with, none will have all the quality attributes found in Mr. Bryan. Rupert is first of all trustworthy and honest. He carries that trait from the first meeting through the closing and beyond. Keep in mind; you are typically dealing with a buyer’s or seller’s biggest life investment. My wife and I trusted Rupert with personal information that is not often shared with family members. The word “accessibility” should be redefined as Rupert Bryan. There wasn’t a day that went by without communicating with Rupert. Generally the discussions were Rupert-initiated and often devoted to updates, strategies, and suggestions. His responses to our questions were often within minutes, but never more than a couple of hours. Our first encounter with Mr. Bryan was one of his many open houses in the neighborhood. It was very clear to us that he was knowledgeable of the market, the neighborhood, and the art of pricing. Though we were not serious lookers, he transformed us to both buyers and then sellers. Rupert’s ability to assess ones need, develop a plan of action and use those resources to our advantage is extraordinary. Though Mr. Bryan has many other qualities, the balance of his professionalism and personal caring is “the best”. He is not a phony…he is the “real deal”. He has an outreaching personality that is visible immediately. His actions and deeds reflect his respect…weather you are a client, friend, or family member. Both my wife and I feel we are his client, friend and neighborhood family. Anyone choosing Rupert as their Real Estate Agent has chosen someone that will be there for ten and will offer endless energy in reaching a buyer or seller’s goals and objectives. What else would someone want in an agent?
- Dave and Debbie Oliver
November 9, 2007 ** I had the pleasure of working with agent Rupert Bryan on the sale of my home in Raleigh North Carolina. I am an Officer with the United States Public Health Service and hold the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Many may know this branch of uniform service within the Department of Defense may require an officer to relocate many times in their career. Fortunately for me, this is my first relocation assignment and I am thankful that Mr. Bryan was my agent. As a result of his professionalism, dedication and extensive knowledge about his profession, I was able to sell my home in time to relocate without the problem of having two mortgages; we all know how difficult this could be. I will definitely recommend Mr. Bryan to my fellow Officer in the North Carolina area , and since Coldwell Banker is nationwide I will also be recommending him to fellow officers that I will meet in the future who may need relocation assistance. As a result of Mr. Bryan’s impressive work, Coldwell banker will always be the only company I choose to do business with. Just don’t lose him, he is my point of contact and I will remain loyal to him.
- LCDR Deborah O’Neal
December 30, 2007 ** We wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the excellent service you provided us in the sale of our home. In the difficult real estate market, as well as going into the holiday season, putting our house on the market during this time could have been a real challenge. You made the transition out of our home as smooth as possible. Initially, you provided us with all the information we needed to know to understand the current market and what to expect. As first time home-sellers, that was really appreciated. Secondly, the resources you brought to our aid (i.e. the open houses, the home staging professional, first-hand knowledge of the community) gave us a true advantage over other homes for sale in our neighborhood. And it really paid off when we received and offer eight days after putting the house on the market! All in all, your involvement in selling our home made what we could have been a very stressful experience less of one. You were always available to answer the questions we had, and you went above and beyond to protect our interests. We really appreciate everything you did. Thanks again.
- Kim and Ron Krynski
January 9, 2008 ** Rupert Bryan provided very professional service as a realtor in the recent sale of my town home in North Raleigh this past September. Rupert was very quick to meet with me after I had requested a home sales evaluation and was very thorough in walking me through the sale’s process. He provided excellent guidance in the proper placement of interior décor to maximize the potential buyer’s interest in the property. Resources such as a touch up painter were provided through Rupert at short notice to assist in preparing the property for sale. The property was listed very quickly on the market and Rupert had an open house the very first weekend that the property was listed. He continued to make great efforts to sale the property through a series of open houses and the inclusion of the property within a parade of homes. Even though their were several similar properties within a few blocks of my home for sale, with Rupert’s assistance, the property sold within two weeks during the first two weeks of September. I really appreciate Rupert’s professional courtesy as he walked me through the home sales process, from listing to closing. I would highly recommend this broker to anyone considering buying or selling a property.
- Peter Hoffman
April 18, 2009 ** I recently purchased my first home in the last month and had the privilege to work with Rupert. I meant to send a note earlier, but I’m finally getting around to it. As a first time home buyer, I had been very nervous about the prospect and the steps needed. I want to take the moment to acknowledge Rupert’s help in easing my fears and provided instructions and assurance as the process went along all the way through the closing. He gave me the straightforward information which I needed and I am pleased at the result and very happy and proud with my purchase. I really appreciated working with him and would not hesitate to consult with him for any future purchase. Thanks much.
- M. Ayo Alao
January 9, 2008 ** I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for the level of professional service provided by your agent Rupert Bryan to me and my family From the initial listing of our home to the actual sell, Mr. Bryan was very instrumental in helping us through the entire process. We were able to sell our home within 60 days in a very competitive and soft market. Mr. Bryan was very creative and aggressive in his marketing campaign to sell our home, which exceeded our expectations. I would like to commend Mr. Bryan on a job well done and I would highly recommend Mr. Bryan to other friends and family members. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me @ 919-946-4707. Thanks again for allowing us to work with a great realtor! Very respectfully,
- John Johnston, Executive Vice-President, Business Developement, TSG Incorporated
January 23, 2008 ** In October 2007 my wife and I met Rupert Bryan at an open house in Cary. Rupert immediately differentiated himself from other agents we had met, by clearly expressing an interest in our needs, rather than his own, by asking, “Has anyone briefed you on the Raleigh are in general?” Since we had been looking all over Wake County, at all types of properties, a fast track to understanding the area and the market sounded a wonderful idea. Following the very informative briefing from Rupert and his remarkable associate Julian Reis, our house hunting became far more focused, less time consuming and, inevitably, more productive. By the beginning of November we found a house in the North Hills area that has satisfied all of our criteria beautifully. As newcomers, not only to the area, but also to the country, Rupert was invaluable to us, not just guiding us through the entire process, but also helping us to understand it - a very important point for us. Throughout, we found him to be personable, patient and extremely helpful. We would strongly recommend both Rupert and Julian, without reservation, to anybody seeking to buy in the Raleigh area. The best compliment we could give would be the fact that we will most definitely use their services again!
- William (Wally) and Janet Robertson

May 12, 2008 ** Our realtor, Rupert, was very nice and patient with us. He knew the area well and showed us several houses before we made our final decision. Rupert was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. He was even there to help us when we closed on the home. We would recommend Rupert to anyone looking to buy a home. He is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Thanks, 

- Al & Megan Al Omari
May 12, 2009 ** My name is Livia Graves and I’m sending this email to inform you of how smooth the process went in purchasing my new home with Rupert as my realtor. He is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. I appreciate everything he has done and would recommend him to all of my friends and relatives. Rupert is a realtor that makes things happen. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call.
- Livia Graves

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